Tripple Creek Maple Products

The Sun is Shining, the Snow is Melting,
the Sap is Flowing,

It’s Maple Syrup Time!

 Our Mission.


“Our goal is to produce only the finest Maple Products and to package and deliver them to you in a manner that enhances your Maple Experience.”

Our maple syrup is substantially thicker and sweeter then Pennsylvania Law requires.

We finish our maple syrup to an average of 67 % sugar content, making it substantially thicker and sweeter then Pennsylvania Law requires. Increasing the percent of sugar, by boiling the syrup longer, makes the syrup much thicker and more desirable. This process sometimes results in excess sugar crystals forming in the bottom of the container. This is especially true of syrup stored in the refrigerator. These sugar crystals are simply a sign of a quality thick syrup. Triple Creek Maple is proud to produce a high quality product that everyone loves.

All Natural Maple Products:

Where will you purchase your syrup this year? What kind of Maple products do you like to consume? Welcome to Triple Creek Maple Products! Triple Creek Maple is proud to produce the Highest Quality Pure Maple Syrup and other Maple Confections. In addition to Pure Maple Syrup we offer Maple Candy, Maple Cream, Maple Crumb Sugar, and Maple Mustard. Based out the Northwest Region of Pennsylvania we would like to welcome you and hope to meet all of your Maple needs!

If your only contact with maple syrup has been the artificial pancake syrup found in the stores, made from refined sugar, corn syrup and artificial flavor, you are in for a taste treat! Pure Maple Syrup is a completely natural product with no additives. The maple tree provides us with fresh sap during the months of February and March. We then boil away most of the water, leaving a thick & sweet all natural product, Maple Syrup! The next time you have pancakes or waffles, treat yourself to the real stuff; Pure Pennsylvania Maple Syrup. There’s no comparison.      

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