Maple Syrup Facts

  • Sap being removed from a Maple tree does not harm the tree.

  • Sap suitable for making maple syrup is produced during the spring when daytime temperatures are above freezing while nighttime temperatures are below freezing.

  • Syrup season is about six weeks long.

  • At the end of each season, taps are removed from the tree; the tree then heals, closing off the holes.

  • Properly cared for Sugar Maple trees can be tapped at 40 years of age, and will yield sap for 100 years or more.

  • Lighter colored maple syrup has a more delicate flavor than the darker, more “robust” maple flavored variety.

  • Boiling down maple syrup and pouring it into molds for hardening produces pure maple candy.

  • Boiling down maple syrup and stirring in will it solidifies produces pure maple cream.

  • Once nighttime temperatures remain above freezing, maple trees begin to bud, and the syrup season is over.

  • Indians and early settlers first made maple syrup by collecting sap in hollowed-out logs and then steaming away the water by dropping in hot stones.

  • A single tap hole can produce as much as one quart of syrup per year.

  • Maple syrup can easily be made at home. Almost 1/3 of maple syrup makers use homemade heaters and wood burning stoves to boil and process syrup.

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